Beverage Selection




German Biers                                                                                     Iced Drinks

Please view our selection of imported biers                                        All topped with whipped cream                                $6.50                                                                     available when placing your order                                                        Iced Coffee/Iced Chocolate/Iced Mocha


Beers                                                                                                    Frappes

Crown Lager                                                                      $8.50

Coopers Pale Ale                                                              $6.90              All served with whipped cream                                 $6.50

Hahn Premium Light                                                       $6.90                                     Vanilla/Chocolate/

Hahn Premium Dry                                                          $6.90                                          Coffee/Mocha

James Boags                                                                      $7.90

Stella Artios                                                                        $8.50


Cider                                                                                                    Smoothies

Hills Pear                                                                             $7.90           With milk, crushed iced                                                 $6.50

Hills Apple                                                                          $7.90           Banana/Mixed Berry/Mango


Wine Selection                                                                                 Milkshakes   

We alternate our wine selection to keep it                  $7.90              Assorted flavours                                                            $5.50

interesting. All wines are available in 187ml bottles                         Vanilla/Chocolate/Caramel/Banana/Lime/

only. Please view our selection at the ordering                                                        Strawberry/Coffee

counter                                                                                                                                Make a thick shake:                       ADD                                                                                                                                                                                                                         $1.50

Childs serve milkshake (175ml)                                  $3.00

Soft drinks and juice                                                                      Slushies

Please make your selection from our large range of                         Please make your selection from our slushie machine

cold drinks available in the refrigerators to the right                         located in the entrance at the front of the shop

of the meal counter and present these when placing

your order                                                                                                                                                               REGULAR             $3.50

LARGE                $4.50


Coffee                                                                                                     Pot of tea for one

Cappuccino                                                                         $4.20               Served with milk on the side                                       $4.00

Café Latte                                                                           $4.20                Black Tea/English Breakfast/Earl Grey/

Flat White                                                                           $4.20               Peppermint/Chamomile/Green

Short Black                                                                         $4.20

Long Black                                                                           $4.20

Macchiato                                                                           $4.20                     Extras

Mocha                                                                                  $4.50                     Shot of coffee                                                              $0.50

Hot Chocolate                                                                    $4.50                     Soy Milk                                                                        $0.50

Chai Latte (Vanilla/Spice)                                               $4.50                     Flavour syrups                                                            $0.50

Vienna (with cream)                                                        $4.50                      (Caramel/Hazelnut/Vanilla)

Mug of coffee                                                                     $4.50